Friday, April 11, 2008

Spot the Spammer

Check the comments on this post.

There's a corporate spammer who has been leaving an identical comment on this and other posts that talk about BlogHer Business. I guess the reasoning is, "hey, they're talking about an event. I have an event to pimp. I'll comment and pimp my event."

I consider this comment spam. Plain and simple.

Yes? No? Gray area that I'm not seeing?

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When I get comments like that I usually delete them. I don't mark them as spam, just remove them.
Just because it's posted by a human doesn't mean it's not spam.
yup, I agree with you both.
I replied to the oh so lovely person. ;-)

And, the comment is still there for three reasons.

1) I wondered if I'd get a personal reply to my email. (I did not.)
2) I wanted to blog about marketing vs spamming
3) I have no time for blogging or blog maintenance

We got this same comment on a post of mine about BlogHer (oh the irony) on New England Mamas. Like Denise, I emailed the sender, to no reply, but we left the post up with a comment back from me, and I also blogged it at Marketing Roadmaps.
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