Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hot on the heels of the NY Times "Blog and Die"...more link bait!!

Only this time I will not succumb.

I will not succumb to linking to the post of a prominent person in the web space who is auctioning off his Twitter account, "followers included".


Link bait? Late April Fool's Day prank? Publicity Stunt from someone who is proving he was never the "great man" behind a series of great women?

Who's lame. It is almost the antithesis of everything Web 2.0 is supposed to stand for, according to the powers that be who think they can define the purpose of the Internet. Whether it is the least "Clueful" thing I've heard in a long time or not, it is most certainly doomed to fail...because the barrier to clicking "Unfollow" is extremely low. Very, very low. And if I were a follower of this prankster, I'd be unfollowing his ass right that he could see the "value" of his item for sale decline as the seconds tick by.

Does this mean that Twitter, Web 2.0 or the Internet has jumped ths shark? Not at all...only Mr. Link Baiting Twitter Auction Man has.

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But... didn't you kinda succumb by pointing it out? Actually I'm just accumulating Twitter followers so that I can sell my account too. I see a great market here. :)
I'm in denial Larry. I'm in denial that this is just my blog where I get to rant about things I care about, and that if I don't link or name things then they will never find the reference in their ego-feeds and will never get that which they care about most: the attention.

Twitter is making us all crazy! Ahhhh!!!!
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