Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blogging Basics panel in Menlo Park: May 8th

Just got invited to moderate a panel on Blogging Basics at an innovative new co-working space called Cubes & Crayons.

The description of the panel is here. I'll be moderating a panel with these four fabulous speakers:

  • Jill Asher of SVMoms, is Partner and Co-founder, Silicon Valley Moms Group and mother of two daughters. In addition to SVmoms, Jill is a Human Resources consultant.

  • Stefania Pomponi Butler of CityMama is a professional writer and blog editor/producer who covers style, food, pop culture, and parenting with a cheeky twist. She often speaks on blog-related topics.

  • Eric Case currently is a freelancer at Vedana Consulting, is a very recent employee of Blogger, now owned by Google, having handled product management and developer relations.

  • Brad Neuberg is an internationally recognized software inventor, engineer, and open source consultant. In addition, Brad Neuberg created coworking, an international grassroots movement to found a new kind of workspace for the self-employed. His blog is http://codinginparadise.org/ and he also writes for http://gearsblog.blogspot.com/

  • It's on Thursday May 8th from 7-9PM, so come on down.

    And learn more about Cubes & Crayons here.

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