Wednesday, June 20, 2007

c|net's new blog network: It's a man's world baby!

c|net has introduced a new blog network, although it might more accurately be called an expansion of their existing blog collection.

Although they're smart enough to call out two women bloggers amongst the four they call out in detail, the entire remaining list of new blogs are by men. So two out of four featured. Two out of eighteeen in total.

This is a trend I see lately. Companies are clearly aware that they should look like they care about diversity, so I get marketing emails from conferences highlighting almost as many women as men speakers, or this release which prominently features women.

But when you dig a little deeper or click a little further, the ratios as a whole are not so great.

Does that work?

They think it works.

It doesn't work.

It ends up being the same old faces at every conference, on every site, mostly with 5 o'clock shadow. So people go down the long tail and find more interesting places to hang out. And let the boys keep talking to each other. Registration eventually goes down at the events because it is the same guys all the time. Saying the same things. Which you can read on their blogs anyway. Yawn.

Lately I have been having way more fun, and better conversation too, on mom blogs. So I started one of my own about taking pictures with my kid.
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