Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Update: The BlogHer post on Kathy Sierra and a question...

Would like to point to the post Lisa has published on BlogHer, which constitutes a more "official" Blogher response to the abuse that Kathy Sierra has experienced.

As you can see, after much discussion and some research Lisa has a cooler head than I, although she is no less passionate on the subject of women's online safety. Let's just say she doesn't devolve into profanity, asterices or no.

I have a question I'd like to ask to:

Can all you people writing about this situation please stop using the disturbing images of Kathy that scare and offend her as an image in your post?????

Am I high, or is that sort of compounding the problem?

I understand it's shocking and helps illustrate exactly what kind of disgusting situation Kathy found herself in, but do y;all realize how Google works? If enough of you keep showing that picture and associating it with Kathy's name, won't it end up getting higher in the ranks when doing an image search?

Gee, that'll get her back to the blogosphere quicker, right?

My personal opinion is that is she wants to link to those images to make a point, that's her choice, but everyone else should stop linking to them. Frankly it feels like you're exploiting her misfortune get a little higher bump in attention than just words would do.

Again, I ask: am I off the mark here?

You are completely on the mark. If you want to link to Kathy's post, by all means do so, but showing the images all over the net is not helpful.
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