Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Amanda landed on her feet just fine, thank you

So much for the nay-sayers who thought that if Amanda didn't land a post-Rocketboom in a matter of seconds then she would be old news and miss her moment. Guess not. ABC and HBO. Not bad.

Now, I have to do some name-dropping. See, I already knew this news was coming because Amanda was in California a few weeks ago as a part of her Amanda Across America trip, and she interviewed Lisa, Jory and me. Here is Part I and here is Part II. Under the cone of silence Amanda told us about the impending announcements. And believe me, that was a tough one to keep under my hat.

I think Amanda probably did the really really smart thing. She took her time. She worked her deals. She didn't fall for the first guy who offered to "save" her once Rocketboom went boom. Smart and savvy if you ask me. And obviously the right tactic.

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