Monday, August 14, 2006

Voices from BlogHer

There were bloggers with microphones and video cameras everywhere at BlogHer, so here are a few places where you can see and hear (instead of just read) what people thought while at the conference:

Laura Foy from Microsoft has this video piece on the conference. It includes snippets with yours truly. Note how I look completely and utterly wiped out, but I keep trying to gamely match Laura's wonderful energy. Na' Gon' Hapn' I only include this blackmail-worthy material because the rest of her interviews are really fun.

ListenShare, who helped us out with conference podcasting, has posted some of the interviews they conducted, including with Arianna Huffington, Mena Trott, Lisa Stone and even guy Kawasaki. Check 'em all out.

Daniel McVicar, soap star turned vlogger, showed up and interviewed away...everyone from Arianna Huffington to our BlogHeroes at to Lisa and Jory too. He's got his one big recap post with links to all right here, and I just love that he calls it the BlogHer Box Set.

Of course JD Lasica was there, with incriminating photos and video the outcome. Note to self: do not let people video you when you are only a few minutes from the end of BlogHer and can barely hold your head up straight. You will be incoherent and look really really crappy too.

I'm sure I've missed some multimedia folks out there, but this'll get you started.

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