Monday, August 21, 2006

San Jose Mercury makes it five

Five articles originating from BlogHer Conference '06, that is.

The latest is one today by reporter Elise Ackerman, entitled Do Not Fear the Blogosphere. Although it doesn't mention the BlogHer Conference by name (boo!) it does quote me, two BlogHer '06 speakers Kim Holmes (Miss Zoot) and Heather Schlegl (yay!) and two Friends of BlogHer...Phil Hollows from Technology Partner, FeedBlitz and Anil Dash from BlogHer Sponsor, SixApart.

The point of the article is a very nice change for mainstream media. Instead of trying to scare the bejeezus out of everyone about how scary it is to be online, Ackerman points out the many ways companies are making it easier and easier to be online...and offering more privacy options too.

In addition down the left and right side bar of this TechMonday front page article Ackerman lists 8 of the top blogging tools and some key stats about them.

For the record, here are the other four Merc/BlogHer pieces:

Blog world finally gets it: sisterhood is powerful
by Sue Hutchison, 08/02/06

In the Blogosphere
by Elise Ackerman, 07/31/06

How Are Blogs Changing Your World (Page 1C Business section)

It's interesting how I can't find a link to this one above, because it actually had two terrific pictures and a bigger blurb than, for example, the 'In the Blogosphere' mention on the 31st.

Female Bloggers Revving Up
by Michelle Quinn, 07/28/06

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