Monday, August 07, 2006

Cross-post from personal blog: Why I blog here

It has come to my attention that some folks have wondered why I posted my post-BlogHer recaps here and on my personal blog, rather than on BlogHer itself.

Simple...two reasons:

1. I'm a blogger. I blogged long before BlogHer, and I still blog on all my many blogs when I can. I blog about different things about different blogs. I blog as a person, not just an event planner, not just as a BlogHer founder. I retain the right to blog on my own blogs.

2. is not my personal soapbox. Not every little thought I have is worthy of being on BlogHer, or relevant to BlogHer, or speaks for BlogHer, the organization. I did publish a post there about conference programming issues. I wanted to give the BlogHer community some insights into how programming works, and I wanted to solicit feedback. Totally appropriate for the site. My every little thought and feeling about BlogHer? Really not everyone's cup of tea. I linked to these posts, but I didn't post them there because I'm not planning to hijack the BlogHer site to be all about me.

So, that's makes total sense to me...what do y'all think?

makes sense to me...
I thought you did a good job of separating the themes you wanted to cover in each space.
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