Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The blog-copying fun continues

A couple of months back I whined as follows on my personal blog:

If I'm so famous, why can't they spell my name right?

See, a silly spam blog attributed an SXSW quote to me, but spelled my name Alissa. And it made me cranky.

Turns out the silly spam blog is actually sucking content from a real, reputable blog, entitled Quotations Weblog.

So here is the real live person who quoted me and who I think I even remember meeting, catching and correcting my mis-spelled name.

I wonder how Laura even found my whine, given that I had pointed to a silly spam blog, rather than her blog?

Anyway, one more annoying thing about spam blogs that suck content form real blogs: it takes a lot longer for either praise or criticism to reach the real blogger, if it ever does at all.

Spam blogs are not silly.
"Silly" was being used facetiously Alan. I've written numerous times about the splog and content stealing issue.
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