Monday, October 31, 2005

My latest activity: Advisory Board member of the Society for New Communications Research

A new non-profit think tank, The Society of New Communications Research (SNCR) was launched today, the brainchild of Jen McClure. Jen is one of the women behind the NewComm Forum, and the editor of the NewComm Blogzine.

The Mission: " To investigate, develop, share and transfer in-depth and forward-facing insights resulting from our deep ongoing study, learning, and continuous mastery of new communications tools and technologies with the academic community and industry for the promotion of best practices."

I was honored when Jen asked me to serve on her advisory board, especially considering the fine team of professionals and academics she has pulled together to serve.

Initially I will sit on the Best Practices/Standards/Awards Commitee and serve as the Chair of the Events Committee. (Because planning BlogHer isn't enough for me.)

If you review the launch Press Release, you'll see an ambitious and intriguing list of issues and areas that the SNCR wants to investigate. Close to my heart is the question: do all of these new communications tool really foster our sense of being part of a community, albeit a virtual one, or does it degrade it by reducing how much we interact with the physical world around us? Can virtual "social capital" replace the more traditional definition?

Anyway, congratulations to Jen for having a vision and making it happen. I'm happy to be on board to help.

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