Friday, August 05, 2005

BlogHer Backlash? No way! BlogHer Continuation!

I cracked up when I saw this little blurb on c|net entitled BlogHer Backlash.

I cracked up because the title is designed to be sensationalistic and get noticed...which it likely will (want traffic much?), but also because the debate going on post-BlogHer is exactly the same debate that went on at BlogHer.

Only now people have moved beyond anything that was actually said at BlogHer and are taking it to new places, new levels.

Come on, it's awesome!

That whole room was filled with people who believed very different things about the blogosphere. The fact that we were able to air all those opinions out and agree to disagree, mostly respectfully, has people convinced it was some lock-step crowd of Stepford bloggers off to create their own Amazonian paradise.

I do just like to continue to point out two things:

1. There were no invitations required to register for BlogHer (seems to be a weird misconception out here.)

2. The first hour of the day may have been the lively debate, but the next 8 hours were filled with exchanges of ideas, technical education, networking and, oh yeah, a kick-ass time being had by all. bring on the "backlash", to me that's just keeping the party going!

Was the reporter from c|net even there? What he described was nothing like the conference I attended.
No, I do not believe he was there, and I was LIst Mistress :)
Ahhh, 'backlash', the inevitable suffix-word, latched on to important women's issues, e.g. feminist backlash, Susan Faludi's book 'Backlash', even VBAC (vaginal birth after caesaerian section) backlash. It was only a matter of time before a media outlet tagged that onto BlogHer.

Elisa, this simply confirms that your efforts were wildly successful. Congratulations again.
There always has to be contraversy. Sigh.

I loved the conference. And I certainly felt its aim was to be inclusive, not exclusionary. Otherwise, what was the point?

Good job, Elisa.
The clip on c|net attributed to Sarah's Web site was pulled from one of my comments on her blog. And I've never felt so quoted out of context in my life.

The last thing I intended was to lash any backs. And I would never want to add to the perception that cattiness is inherent in any large group of women - especially a group of women that I admire as much as I do.

And that's really what Sarah's post was all about. We admire the blogs of these women. And we admire that they were able to get together and meet, and that their friendships were so wonderfully natural and rewarding. And we admire you for organizing the whole thing in the first place.

We just couched it all in our silly sense of humor - which is what Sarah and I have been doing since we were friends Jr. High.

I'm all for the Cry for Continuation. And I hope I can make it next time. In fact, now I'm pretty determined!
You chicas rock. And to be fair, I should mention that Scott Rafer has posted a very rational and positive comment on the c|net post. I hate to send you back there, so I just thought I'd give him props here:

Scott Rafer:
"My job is to know everyone in the Valley, so I can only comment on some of the issues. However, Blogher was definitely not exclusionary, divisive, or anything of the sort. The technology community in Silicon Valley is male-dominated, which has clearly carried over into blogging and the Internet in general. Most tech get-togethers are 90% men and male behavior dominates the dynamic. Blogher was dominated by feminine behavior, which was a refreshing change –- one that should be available to more of us more often.

It was also just as productive and inclusive as any other well-run conference -- and at least for people that are not intimidated by the idea of a couple hundred smart women in one place."

Nice, huh?
I'm so glad you read my post the way it was meant. I have been reading all week about everyone's blogher experiences and it seems like everyone had such a good time!

Since the c-net bs, everyone has been really nice to us. Now Alison and I really have to make a point to go next year.
Yeah you do!
Blogher = smart women online. Some people can handle it, some can't. The ones who can, were there, or wanted to be there. The ones who can't...can read c/net's article and sit back with a smug grin on their faces. And disappear into oblivion...because that's where they're headed. See you again, next year.
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