Sunday, June 19, 2005

You find blogging wisdom in the most unlikely places

I do regular searches on various client-related terms. To make sure I don't miss any references to my sponsored health care blog, I do searches on "healthyconcerns", but also "healthy concerns" + blog.

While my blog may capture 8 of the top 10 hits on Google for that latter search, the number one hit belongs to an article on Christianity Today.

Well, being curious, I clicked through to that article, and here is what I found.

First surprise: it's an advice column written by Lisa Whelchel. Yes, she's that chica from that old TV series about the girl's school...Facts of Life I believe. Truth be told, I never watched one episode of the show, yet it is pretty amazing how I can picture and maybe even name all four girls who were in it...Nancy McKeon, Kim Fields, Mindy Coh and Lisa freaky weird is that, and how much does it prove how pervasive pop culture is!?

OK, after that little exercise above, I decided to go check out whether I had it right, and I did! Not only that, but here's a picture Lisa has on her site from the show...check out the scary hair!

OK, I'm digressing in a big way...what's my point?

My point is that Lisa runs an advice column for parents on this Christian web site, and someone sent in this question: "My teens are into "blogging," keeping an online journal filled with their thoughts and feelings for anyone who logs onto their site to read. I know this is the hot new thing, but I'm not sure it's appropriate for kids. Couldn't this compromise their safety? Should I forbid them from doing this?"

And amazingly, Lisa's answer is a) positive...she has a blog!, b) reasonable and c) concisely covers three issues that companies should also bear in mind about blogging, namely:

1. blogs are flexible...can be public or private
2. blogs are a way to communicate and stay connected
3. what you say on a blog is there forever...say it wisely.

It's an excellent little plug for the benefits of blogging...and she manages to use far fewer words to do it than I and the rest of the blogvangelists out there usually do!

Wow, her advice is seriously shocking considering the content of her blog. I read the last two entries and I'm surprised she doesn't want all kids locked up in church.
Yeah. having been raised a complete heathen even the language of her blog is nearly incomprehensible to me!
Just a fun fact: Ms Wechel got herself in a little hot water (no pun intended) for admitting she uses TABASCO SAUCE as a behavioral tool. When her kids mouth off, she slaps a littls 'basco on their tongues and watched them writhe in pain. There was a small uproar from parents who don't advocate inflicting pain as a method of training. As for me, I just stick Maggies finger in an electrical socket every time she whines. Works like a charm!
Spellcheck is a tool I will benefit from.
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