Monday, May 02, 2005

Introducing a new Worker Bees blog:

I am pleased to launch a new blog,, sponsored by is designed to be a public forum to share their stories, both good and bad, about health care, and a place where they can perhaps get accurate information about the often confusing maze that is the health care system.

My exclusive sponsor,, as signed on for more than just sponsoring my blog with a few ads and a banner...they've agreed to try to answer legal, regulatory and process questions submitted by my readers. That's taking their commitment to starting a real conversation about health care a step further in my opinion.

Now you can find a few key pieces of information over at the blog, like:

-What the blog is about
-What it means that it's sponsored
-What kind of questions we'll try to answer

If you've got a story about helth care and coverage...good or bad, remember...then feel free to email me.

Meanwhile, welcome to the Worker Bees blog roll.

Elisa -

Congrats! on what will surely become an exciting new blog format.

Diva Marketing Blog
Thanks! I hope so. And thanks for adding your comments to it already :)
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