Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Importance of Monitoring Your Web Presence

And I don't just mean stats on your own sites.

I often talk about the importance of doing Google alerts, Google searches and using Technorati and other services to track references to you, your business and your sites/blogs online.

I do this religiously every day. And today is yet another reason why.

Found two references of note.

First of all, I found a post by someone who writes a blog about arts management, amusingly called Butts in the Seats, who had (via Googling) and found out about me, Worker Bees and our theatre blogs. He made only slight reference to my blogs, but mentioned he would read more of them later. Now I know he exists. I cant rack his blog, and I can also track whether he says anything more about my business. BTW: this hit came on page 16 of the Google results for my name, so it pays to dig deep into the results.

I also found that Deborah Russel-Brown, who maintains at least 3 blogs at last count, referenced me in yet another one of her blogs, and very nicely too. I have linked to a post she made about Worker Bees in one of her other blogs, and this post is even more detailed with more links and citations.

This one I found through Technorati, the first through Google. Both are positive posts (or buzz, if you like) about my company.

But if they were negative, I'd need to know about that too, right? Right. Start monitoring your online!

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