Friday, June 18, 2004

New Worker Bee venture: A monthly column in the Metro

I have been writing reviews over on my personal blog for the last year or so. I review everything I see (movies, music, theatre) read or eat!

It's great fun and a great way to keep your writing skills up. Another reason to blog, everyone!

Almost 6 months ago I saw that the Metro, a free weekly in the Silicon Valley, was looking for a full-time restaurant reviewer. I emailed the editor and suggested that while she might not want a full-time reviewer who was a vegetarian, it might be interesting to do periodic stories by a vegetarian getting by in this non-vegetarian world.

In particular I mentioned that I don't normally frequent vegetarian restaurants, but rather go to "normal" restaurants with my friends. It would be a public service to let veggies everywhere know what to expect and where the most accommodating restaurants are in the area.

I never heard back...until today.

Turns out she likes the idea and offered me a monthly column.

To be named, to be written, to be updated later...

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