Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why the A-list can be self-perpetuating

I am cracking up today. Feedster has released their Top 500 thingy.

To be honest, I haven't looked at it; I have no idea how they're compiling it; it's not really my top priority(I know you're shocked given my proclivities.) It could be accurate; it could be not. "Accurate" could have 100 different meanings, depending on the way the list is designed to work.

But what is making my laugh my butt off is the reaction of some people:

"How is it possible that my blog is on the list for August at #56, ahead of Jeff Jarvis, Dave Winer, Robert Scoble and Doc Searls? Something sounds off kilter." - Steve Rubel

"What I find hardest to believe is that NevOn Experimental has a higher ranking in this list than blogs like Silicon Valley Watcher (229), Adrants (254), Nick Bradbury (262), or Jeremy Wright's Ensight (348), to name just four." - Neville Hobson

Oh, the very idea! How could these formerly powerful men not still be the most powerful? We had a pecking order...how could it change? My world is about to slip right off its tether.

I don't know. Maybe some of these people haven't written anything interesting in months, so people don't link to them as much? Maybe some of them are so busy touting themselves that the rest of us have lost the urge to link to them or even visit them?

Or, on a somewhat less snarky note: Maybe there are tens of thousands of new blogs being added every day (per Feedster 500 honoree Dave Sifrey) and they might actually supersede the same old thing after a while?

Or, maybe the list is totally whacked. I honestly have no idea.

But the shock and amazement? That seems divorced from the reality of this ever-expanding and ever-broadening reach of the blogosphere. (And no, I don't hate the word...it's just a word, people.)

Hey, Scoble gave me a link last week. He can't have lost *all* his talent and good taste.
Hey, I'm not picking on any of these guys specifically. OK, well maybe Jeff Jarvis, but really why exactly would people who have been blogging since the stone ages of blogging (all of 2 years ago) have to still be the kings of blogging this month?

But here's to Scoble's good taste in linking to you :)
Good post, Elisa, helps keep it all in perspective... and with a ton of salt ;)

Nevertheless, I am perplexed. Maybe you're right, though - either things are changing (and why not?) or the whole thing is meaningless.

Does anybody *really* care, I wonder?
Oh, I think people care...even some of the people who vociferously claim not to care. :)
What's a blog?
I don't know, Steve. I hear they're really the next big thing, though.
Stop it Elisa, you writing sense for once and I might have to start reading your blog some more :-)
No sense intended, don't worry! Move along, nothing to see here.
Thank you, very interesting!
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